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Membership Sign-Up
Please fill out the application form and wire the membership fee to us at NH Bank 386-01-020534 (depositor: ѱȸ,
KMFA). We will contact you after having confirmed your dues payment.

Membership Fee
- Individual Membership: KRW 50,000/yr (KRW 500,000 for life-long membership)
- Institution Membership: KRW 5 million (For life-long membership)
- Library Membership: KRW 50,000/yr

Member Benefits
(1) A free copy of the quarterly KMFA academic journal Financial Research
(2) Invitation to the yearly academic symposium with free accommodation and meal services
(3) A free copy of the proceedings of academic symposium and paper collections for attendees
(4) Invitation to policy symposiums (three to four times a year)
(5) A free copy of the proceedings of policy symposium for attendees
(6) A free copy of the biannual KMFA publication Newsletter

For further questions or enquiries, please contact us at +82-2-3705-6325 or send email to kmfa@kif.re.kr