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About KMFA
KMFA was launched in Jun 1989 by holding its first general meeting and a regular symposium and it is aimed at promoting financial and industrial advancements in Korea through the study of both theories and actual mechanisms of currency, finance, securities and the management of financial institutions.

With the participation of some 700 finance-related economics and business management scholars and about 100 financial institutions and research organizations, KMFA is making active efforts to research and develop the financial sector of Korea.
While attending a joint economics symposium, KMFA is also offering a wide discussion arena with its annual academic symposiums and policy symposiums held 4 times or more each year.
In addition, KMFA is duly playing its role as an academic society by having research groups under its auspices that have successfully promoted seminars and other academic exchange activities.

Currently, there are three research groups: A financial-industry organization research group, a financial policy research
group, and an international finance research group. With these three groups, KMFA has enriched its research activities by
issuing its listed quarterly academic journal of JMF, proceedings of policy symposiums and KMFA newsletters.
Located inside the Korea Institute of Finance building, KMFA is operated by office administrators who sit on the board of
7th Floor, KIF Building, 4-1, Myungdong-1 ga, Choong-gu, Seoul
Association Name
Korea Money and Finance Association
Registration No
Dr. Daeshik Kim
Date of Establishment
9 Jun 1989

KMFA membership encompasses about 80 banks, brokerage houses and insurance companies and 700 individuals who are professors, doctorate researchers, government officials and those working in financial institutions as of Sep 2010.
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membership individuals
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Major Activities
- Holding a special symposium on policies
- Publishing "Journal of Money and Finance", the officially registered academic research journal of KMFA
- Holding a conference regularly and publishing research paper collections
- Holding a workshop on financial policy and business management
- Giving awards for quality research papers
- Conducting academic research into the area of finance