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제 목 [안내] 2018년 한중일 공동 심포지엄 개최
작성자 관리자 작성일 2018.02.22 조회수 1010
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2nd International Symposium

on Money and Finance:


Supported by

 Lau Chor Tak Institute of Global Economics and Finance (IGEF)
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Korean Money and Finance Association

Hitotsubashi University Research Center for East Asia Policy

 Japan Society of Monetary Economics (JSME)



Date    March 10th, 2018

Venue Lecture Theatre 2, UG Floor, Sino Building, The Chinese University of Hong Kong



14:00-14:30    Registration


14:40-15:00    Opening Remarks

Welcome Speech Terence Tai Leung Chong (Executive Director of Lau Chor Tak IGEF)

Keynote Speech: Lawrence Lau (Former Vice Chancellor of The Chinese University of Hong Kong)


15:00-16:30   Session 1: Corporate Finance

Chair: Sukho Sonu (Seoul National University, Former President of KMFA)


1.WooJin Kim (Seoul National University)

Paper Title: Control Beyond Ownership Subcontractors of Large Business Groups

Discussant: Qun Liu (Hitotsubashi University)


2.Qun Liu (Hitotsubashi University)

Paper Title: Corporate Board Structure and Corporate Performance: Empirical Analysis of Listed Companies in China

Discussant: Terence Tai Leung Chong (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)


          3.Terence Tai Leung Chong(The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Paper Title: The Underpricing of Venture Capital Backed IPOs in China

Discussant: RaeSoo Park (SookMyung Woman’s University)


16:30-16:50     Coffee Break


16:50-18:20     Session 2: International Finance

Chair Eiji Ogawa(President of JSME)


1.SoYoung Kim (Seoul National University)

Paper Title: Offshore EME Bond Issuance and the Transmission Channels of Global Liquidity

Discussant: Kentaro Iwatsubo (Kobe University)


2.Kentaro Iwatsubo(Kobe University)

Paper Title: Order Flows, Fundamentals and Exchange Rates

Discussant: Dr. Kin Ming Wong (Baptist University)


3.Dr. Kin Ming Wong (Baptist University)

Paper Title: A Tale of Two Regimes: Classifying and Revisiting the Monetary Policy Regimes

Discussant: Jungsoo Park (Sogang University)


18:20-18:30    Closing Remarks


18:45-20:45    Reception



[안내] 2018년 춘계 정책심포지엄 개최 안내 2018.03.14
[공지] 한국금융학회 산하 가상화폐연구회 출범 안내 2018.02.26

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